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Curtin Writers Club is the Curtin University club for writers and writing. We are also the academic club for students studying Creative Writing, Professional Writing and Publishing, English and Cultural Studies and Journalism. We are a not-for-profit and volunteer-run student organisation who welcome all forms of writing. 

Anyone can become a member for $5 or one Curtin Student Guild club voucher. 

Coze Journal is Curtin Writers Club’s annual literary print publication, which collects writing by club members. 

Our events include regular meetups, poetry events, Coze Workshops and social events. They’re a great opportunity to make friends, gain valuable feedback and learn about writing in a safe, supportive environment. You can view writing resources from previous events here.

We have been featured in a number of articles, including:


2021 Committee

  • President: Lauren Bradford

  • Vice President: Caroline Brettig

  • Secretary: Catherine Hall

  • Treasurer: Annie Mills

  • Editor-in-Chief: Robyn Lunn 

  • Social Media Managers: Devahuti Chaliha and Mali Merttens 

  • Assistant Secretary: Sonaa Aneja 

  • Deputy Editor: Abigail Carson

  • Editors: Ashlie Ballantyne Wallis, Dante Boffa, Megan Chow, Rylee Dow St Clair, Tess MacGregor, Lindie Naude, Sofia Scaturro and Cheyenne Valero

  • Online Representative: Jess Broadbent



Curtin Student Guild

In 2017, Curtin Writers Club won Best New Club Award. 

Guild Ball 4.jpg


Curtin Student Guild

In 2020, Curtin Writers Club won second

place in the Club Mega Challenge and received an Honourable Mention for Club of the Year. 



Curtin Student Guild

In 2019, Curtin Writers Club won second

place in the inaugural Club Mega Challenge. 


2020 Committee

  • President: Theodora Rohl

  • Vice President: Jewel Hazeldine Swe

  • Secretary: Catherine Hall

  • Treasurer: Clare Metcalf

  • Editor-in-Chief: Robyn Lunn

  • Social Media Manager: Madison Ainsworth 

  • Deputy Editor: Ashlie Ballantyne Wallis

  • Editors: Abigail Carson, Lauren Donis, Lindie Naude, Anshu Pande, Charlene van der Merwe and Jade Woodhouse

2019 Committee

  • President: Max Vos

  • Vice President: Sean Chapman

  • Secretary: Catherine Hall

  • Treasurer: Loke Leng

  • Editor-in-Chief: Jade Joynes

  • Social Media Manager: Elisha Gray

  • Editors: Nikita Binetti, Robyn Lunn, Simeon Neo, Jewel Hazeldine Swe and Charlie Wright

2018 Committee

  • President: Kai Schweizer

  • Vice President and Editor-in-Chief: Max Vos

  • Secretary: Caitlin Gava

  • Treasurer: Loke Leng

  • Social Media Manager: Jade Richards 

  • Editors: Nikita Binetti, Cassandra Elliott, Jade Joynes, Simeon Neo and Georgina Sweeting

2017 Committee

  • President: Andrew Allsopp

  • Vice President: Max Vos

  • Secretary: Ella Thomas

  • Treasurer: Penelope Walker

  • Editor-in-Chief: Armelle Davies

  • Marketing Manager: Siana Wardell

  • Social Media Managers: Rachelle Erzay and Alex Ridley

  • Editors: Jay Anderson, Elizabeth Baca and Matthew West

  • Workshop Coordinator: Kathleen Knight

  • Designer: Zahra Loot

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