2017 Issue 1: Conversation

Coze Journal is the official journal of the Curtin Writers Club, founded in 2016, which has become one of the most engaging new clubs at Curtin University.


This first Issue of Coze is created under the theme of ‘conversation’, and is a collection of some of the best student writing Curtin has to offer.

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"I turned the heater on just so my teeth would stop chattering. If I closed my eyes, I could almost imagine I was home."​

A Stranger's Room | Mikaela Hewett

"He's in that bored, destructive mood again, and that means one thing for us. Trouble."​

Just Talk | Matt West 

"Don't tell me you're shy, you don't limit yourself to a / set time and place to cause ructions. Anywhere will do."

Why have you come? | Penny Walker

"We hadn't realised just how expensive living out of home would be, but we were in love so of course it had seemed manageable at the time."​

White Flag | Leteesha De Landgrafft

"I would never accept a living thing as a token of love."​

Roses | Kate Farrell

"Always play-soldiers, our faces hot pink from running, sometimes from gravity, forward-rolling into dirt trenches so we couldn't hear the rapid-fire echo and the whistle of approaching munitions in our minds."

Schadenfreude (Conversations we can't ever have) | Charley Thomas


Editor In Chief - Armelle Davies

Welcome to the first ever issue of Coze Journal, a collection of writing from students of Curtin University, produced by Curtin Writers Club!


Coze means to talk in a friendly manner, to chat, and we think that this fits the club’s goals perfectly. Coming to university is sometimes a scary and lonely experience, and sharing your writing with your peers can be daunting. CWC aims to provide a space where students can share their writing, get feedback, and meet like-minded emerging writers. We chose Coze as the title for CWC’s journal because we wanted it to be welcoming, casual, and to act as a shared space to celebrate the very best of student writing at Curtin.

For our first issue, we decided to honour the journal’s title and use the theme of ‘conversation’. For some, this meant talking with yourself and learning how to listen and be kind. For others, this meant
conversations, sometimes imagined, with lovers and loved ones, about things that we wish we could say, or things we wish we hadn’t. Others imagined conversations between characters, sometimes ordinary people, sometimes characters from fictional stories, sometimes a deity, death itself, or just walls. All of the stories and poems that we chose were thought-provoking, moving, funny, sad, or passionate, but above all, they were well written. We are always impressed by the quality of writing that Curtin students produce, and we hope that Coze will continue to help them to be confident sharing their work with others, and aid them in furthering their writing careers.


I believe that, now more than ever, stories are important. They let us escape, they let us see from other perspectives, and most significantly, they teach us empathy. But it is important to remember that the stories which affect us most are usually those most accomplished in the craft of writing. The most profound story may well be lost among the plethora of writing that surrounds us today because it is rough-cut and dull. That is why we come to university – to learn how to cut, to sand, to polish our work until it glitters with beautiful words. It is absolutely fundamental to support the work
of student writers, because their stories and ideas are novel, brave, and hopeful. In an environment where the arts at universities are under threat from governments that wish to defund arts courses, it is important to remember that the importance of writing goes far beyond a dollar value. The university environment is of vital importance to budding writers to allow them to flourish without the pressure of monetising their work.


The making of Coze has been a long and eye-opening process, and I would like to thank my editorial team, Jay Anderson, Elizabeth Baca, Max Vos, and Matt West, for their hard work in putting it together. I am very grateful for their commitment to Coze on top of their busy schedules, and I wish them the best in their future endeavours, as they are all very talented editors. I would also like to thank our designer, Georgie Sweeting, for coming on board so late in the piece once we realised our InDesign skills were lacking, and for moulding our vision into something tangible. Finally, a huge thank you to all of our authors – without your submissions, Coze wouldn’t have been possible. We hope you enjoy reading all the other pieces as much as we enjoyed reading yours, and we hope that you relish seeing your beautiful words in print.

CWC was founded in 2016, and has quickly grown to be one of the most engaging new clubs at Curtin, recently winning the Best New Club award from the Curtin Student Guild. The founding of a writing club at Curtin was long overdue, given the high quality of its Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Publishing courses. The club committee have worked incredibly hard over the last year to create our website and host workshops, guest speakers, and events like our murder mystery night, quiz night, and poetry slam. Since our intention for the club was to create a community of student writers and to celebrate and promote their work, establishing a journal of student writing seemed like the logical next step. We hope that CWC will continue to grow and support Curtin writing students, and that Coze will carry on for many years to come.

We acknowledge the past, present and emerging traditional owners of the land on which we live and work, the Wadjuk people of the Noongar nation and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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