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Issue One (2017): Conversation

Editor-in-Chief: Armelle Davies

Editors: Jay Anderson, Elizabeth Baca, Max Vos, Matthew West

Design and typesetting: Georgie Sweeting

Authors: Mili Chongwe, Maia Sharrock Churchill, Leteesha De Landgrafft, Cassidy Emery, Kate Farrell, Janine Fisher, Mikaela Hewett, Jemma Lambert, Loke Teik Leng, Henry Plunkett, Ella Thomas, Penny Walker, Matthew West

Cover illustration: Lola Baldsing @veldenmire

Alternative cover illustrations: Sokaina Alamri, Megan Baker, Jessica Tobin, Marni Warren


'Introduction' by Armelle Davies

'Just Talk' by Matt West

'A Stranger's Room' by Mikaela Hewett

'Why Have You Come?' by Penny Walker

'Schadenfreude (Conversations We Can't Ever Have)' by Ella Thomas

'Inner Speak' by Cassidy Emery

'Them' by Mili Chongwe

'White Flag by Leteesha De Landgrafft

'Roses' by Kate Farrell

'These Words on My Lips: A Letter to the Forgotten' by Mili Chongwe

'Death Came to Tea' by Janine Fisher

'SparrowhawkTM: A Freemium App for Off-Grid Living' by Henry Plunkett

'On the Rocks' by Maia Sharrock Churchill

Content warnings: death, drowning

'Talking with Walls' by Loke Teik Leng

'Addressing Shylock' by Jemma Lambert

Sokaina Alamri.jpg
Megan Baker.jpg

Sokaina Alamri

Megan Baker

Jessica Tobin.jpg
Marni Walker.jpg

Jessica Tobin

Marni Warren

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