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Coze Issue 2 Cover HIGH DEF.PNG

Issue Two (2018): Change

Editor-in-Chief: Max Vos

Editors: Nikita Binetti, Cassie Elliott, Jade Joynes, Simeon Neo, Georgie Sweeting

Design and typesetting: Georgie Sweeting

Authors: Jake Alves-Vieria, Cain Andrews, Domi Byrne, Thalia Campbell, Mili Chongwe, Rachelle Erzay, Elisha Gray, Naomi Gunton, Antoinette Hanley, Caroline Heslop, Zahra Loot, Jo Newman, Jade Norton, John Paul, Jade Richards, Emily Siggs, Leon Teller, Penny Walker

Illustrators: Aleksey Mazur, Oscar McKay 

Cover illustration: Sally Henderson @sketchysally

Alternative cover illustrations: Megan Baker, Isaac Jay Curran, Natasha Provan, Zack Shim


'Introduction' by Max Vos

'Change' by Aleksey Mazur (illustration)

'World, 28B' by Leon Teller

'shift + home' by Jo Newman

Content warnings: physical violence

'A Towel Too Far' by John Paul

'Mirror, Mirror' by Thalia Campbell

'Grow' by Jade Norton

'The Winch Handle' by Penny Walker, illustrated by Oscar McKay

Content warnings: death, domestic abuse

'Don't Fall for Me' by Jade Norton

'Fragrance' by Elisha Gray

'When the Lights Turn Green' by Naomi Gunton

'In Heaven' by Jake Alves-Vieira

'Just One in Two-Million' by Jade Richards

'Listen' by Domi Byrne

Content warnings: rape/sexual assault, drug abuse, vomiting

'Blank Slate' by Caroline Heslop

'Paradox' by Thalia Campbell

'Totem' by Rachelle Erzay

'I am not a Writer' by Mili Chongwe

'The Uprising' by Antoinette Hanley

'Quarter' by Jade Richards

Content warnings: suicide, adolescent death

'Travels' by Cain Andrews

'Seasons' by Zahra Loot

Content warnings: terminal illness, death

'Forging' by Emily Siggs

Isaac Jay Curran.jpg

Megan Baker

Isaac Jay Curran

Natasha Provan_01.jpg
Zack Shim.jpg

Natasha Provan

Zack Shim

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