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Coze Journal Issue 3 (2019).PNG

Issue Three (2019): Time


Editor-in-Chief: Jade Joynes

Editors: Nikita Binetti, Sean Chapman, Elisha Gray, Catherine Hall, Loke Teik Leng, Robyn Lunn, Simeon Neo, Jewel Swe, Charlie Wright

Design and typesetting: Oscar McKay


Authors: Luke Button, Domi Byrne, Devahuti Chaliha, Nicoletta Dimas, George Dixon, Anika Donnison, Bridget Emily, Henry Farnan, Sonya Frossine, Elisha Gray, Catherine Hall, Caroline Heslop, Debbie Leong, Loke Teik Leng, Simeon Neo, Melissa Pooley, Mickayla Ronayne, Sarah Simpfendorfer, Jewel Swe


Illustrators and photographers: Winston Foo, Sally Henderson, Alex Levian, Subhra Majhi, Oscar McKay, Laverne Moi, Simeon Neo, Sean Smilley, Zoe Wells

Cover illustration: Oscar McKay @azurevoltage



'Introduction' by Jade Joynes

'Believe I'm More Than You See' by Melissa Pooley

Content warnings: blood

'Lazarus Redeemed' by Devahuti Chaliha, illustrated by Alex Levian

'i've only prayed twice in my life' by Sonya Frossine

'is it still raining?' by Sonya Frossine

'Larrikin' by Bridget Emily

'Stars in Motion' by Subhra Majhi (photograph)

'Stardust' by Elisha Gray

'Tea Time on Sundays' by Jewel Swe

Content warnings: car accident, injuries

'The Distance Between Me and You' by Jewel Swe, illustrated by Laverne Moi

'1993' by Bridget Emily, illustrated by Oscar McKay

'My Mother's Face' by Nicoletta Dimas, illustrated by Sean Smilley

'Terminal' by Domi Byrne, illustrated by Zoe Wells

Content warnings: cancer, death, illness

'The Story of Life' by Mickayla Ronayne

Content warnings: death, drugs

'Time' by Simeon Neo (photograph)

'Six Feet Under' by George Dixon

Content warnings: car accident, death

'105120 Hours' by Loke Teik Leng, photograph by Subhra Majhi

Content warnings: vague violence

'The Naturalist' by Sarah Simpfendorfer

Content warnings: illness

'The Drafting Room' by Luke Button

'Take Us Home' by Henry Farnan, illustrated by Sean Smilley

'Control' by Annika Donnison

'Hestia' by Annika Donnison

Content warnings: allusions to colonisation, allusions to sexual violence, death

'Tale As Old As Time' by Catherine Hall, illustrated by Sally Henderson

Content warnings: domestic abuse

'Evanescent' by Debbie Leong

'Promise' by Debbie Leong

'Synchronicity' by Caroline Heslop

'I Have Arrived in the Future' by Simeon Neo, illustrated by Winston Foo

Content warnings: death

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