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heartfrontcover(with bleedlines) by Joly

Issue Four (2020): Heart

Editor-in-Chief: Robyn Lunn

Editors: Ashlie Ballantyne Wallis, Abigail Carson, Lauren Donis, Clare Metcalf, Lindie Naudé, Anshu Pande, Jewel Swe, Charlene van der Merwe, Jade Woodhouse

Design and typesetting: Mali Merttens


Authors: Davis Anderson, Devahuti Chaliha, Dominic Depiazzi, Henry Farnan, Jesse Galea, Catherine Hall, Sharon Hayes, Chris Hipwood, Madie Lea, Debbie Leong, Robyn Lunn, Leila Marshall, Clare Metcalf, Elisabeth Metcalf, Annie Mills, Sergio Muirson, Lindie Naudé, Chris Raich, Himara Rathnayake, Lucy Rohl, Riya Srivastava, Jewel Swe, Syarisa Yasin


Illustrators: Nina Dakin, Sally Henderson, Mary Johnston, Joly Maxi, Mali Merttens, Clare Metcalf, Chelsea Robins


Cover illustration (physical, digital interior): Joly Maxi @vanillateacup_
Cover illustration (digital, physical interior): Nina Dakin @ninadakin


'Introduction' by Robyn Lunn

'a boxer's fracture that aches when it's cold' by Elisabeth Metcalf, illustrated by Mary Johnston

Content warnings: homophobia, swearing, mild violence

'It Takes a Lifetime' by Debbie Leong

'Waiting' by Lindie Naudé

Content warnings: multiple forms of abuse, forced captivity, blood, violence, murder, character death

'The Sun and His Lover' by Himara Rathnayake, illustrated by Joly Maxi

Content warnings: character death

'I Don't Believe in Soulmates' by Catherine Hall

Content warnings: government control, one mention of terrorism in the context of stereotypes about an activist group, brief discussion of implied past domestic abuse

'Maestro Cuore' by Robyn Lunn

Content warnings: mild medical references, mentioned death

'So It Will Last' by Jewel Swe

'Tin Man' by Chris Hipwood, illustrated by Chelsea Robins

'Heart, Poison, You?' by Riya Srivastava

'Isla By The Sea' by Clare Metcalf, illustrated by Chelsea Robins

Content warnings: blood, murder, character death, swearing, suggested manipulation within a relationship

'Kingdom of Salt and Sand' by Jewel Swe, illustrated by Mali Merttens

'Muse' by Dominic Depiazzi

'Unfamiliar Familial Grief' by Jesse Galea

Content warnings: death of a parent, pregnancy reference

'A Performance to Remember' by Sergio Muirson, illustrated by Joly Maxi

'The Nymph's Serenade' by Syarisa Yasin

Content warnings: sexual references

'The Morrison Era: A STEM Punk Piece' by Chris Raich

'The Warmth of Windows' by Madie Lea, illustrated by Sally Henderson

Content warnings: swearing, mentions of COVID-19

'One's True Lifeline' by Devahuti Chaliha

'Étoile de Minuit' by Robyn Lunn, illustrated by Clare Metcalf

'Candy Hearts' by Jewel Swe

Content warnings: grief, death

'Have Your Cake and Eat It Too' by Leila Marshall

'Space for a Heart' by Annie Mills

Content warnings: body horror and graphic anatomy

'Fallacies for Breakfast' by Himara Rathnayake

'The Worship of Mrs Aylett's Son' by Henry Farnan, illustrated by Chelsea Robins

Content warnings: body horror, gore, violence, medical/clinical psychology allusions, allusions to abusive parenting

'Soul Shadow' by Sharon Hayes, illustrated by Mali Merttens

'Cinnamon Candles' by Lucy Rohl, illustrated by Chelsea Robins

Content warnings: swearing

'Two Oh One' by Davis Anderson, illustrated by Mary Johnston

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