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Coze Journal is Curtin Writers Club's annual print publication containing the works of its members and features illustrations from the Curtin Illustration Club.

Coze Journal takes submissions of all forms and genres of writing, including short fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, poetry and flash fiction. Members may submit up to three pieces per issue, amounting to no more than 5,000 words, with individual pieces of prose up to 3,000 words and poetry up to 40 lines.

Associate Members (members who are not current Curtin students) are welcome to submit, provided they have been a Curtin student within the three years prior to that issue.
Associate Members may also submit up to three pieces but only one will be selected for publication.

The deadline for submissions is 31 July. 


Submissions should be sent in Word document format in an accessible font (preferably Calibri, Helvetica or Arial), though we can also accept Google Docs. Submissions are read blind, so no personal information should be included in the document itself. Please follow these formatting guidelines:

Title: bold, 16pt
Content Warnings (if applicable): italic, 12pt
Body text: 12pt, 1.5 spacing, 1cm indent, triple asterisks (***) for section breaks, ‘single quotation marks for dialogue’

Your submission email should include your name (can be a pseudonym), Student ID number and preferred email address – these details should be included with ALL submissions. If you like, you can also include any social media tags (Instagram, Twitter, and so-on), websites or Facebook pages that link to your writing or art.

Please note that you can only enter if you are a member of the Curtin Writers Club, and your work has to be original and unpublished. If you're not a member yet, worry not! You can join online. Submitting your work to the journal is free, and membership only costs $5. All funds raised from membership go directly back into providing opportunities and great events for our members.

Email your submissions to

We look forward to reading your work!

Terms & Conditions

By submitting your work for consideration for Coze Journal you confirm that you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. All works submitted must relate in some way to the designated theme, as well as being original and unpublished.
2. All entrants must have been students at Curtin University within the past three years. 
3. Entrants submitting writing must be members of Curtin Writers Club at the time of submission.
4. Entries must be submitted in Word document format or via a Google Docs link, with the author’s name, student number, and preferred name for publication (if required) in the email. In the subject of the email, you must include that the entry is for Coze Journal.
5. Entry is free.
6. Entries must be written predominantly in English.
7. Submissions can be prose up to 3,000 words, or poetry up to 40 lines.
8. Up to three entries per person may be submitted with a combined total of up to 5,000 words.
9. Submissions will be judged by the Curtin Writers Club committee, and the final decision on works to be published remains with the committee. The club cannot guarantee submissions will be published, and accepted submissions are subject to edits by the club’s Editorial team in conjunction with the author’s vision.

10. As a Curtin-based student club, we reflect Curtin University’s values of respect and integrity. This will be taken into account during the selection and editing processes. Views presented in accepted submissions do not reflect the views of the club.
11. Copyright of submitted works will remain the property of the author/artist. By submitting your work for consideration, you authorise Curtin Writers Club to use, reproduce, publish and communicate the work for publication and promotion purposes in connection with Coze Journal. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable,
but you must notify the club in the case of your work being accepted for publication elsewhere. After the publication of Coze Journal, you are free to re-publish your work elsewhere.

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