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Michael Moshos

Michael is a young Perth-born Writer/Director/Actor. When I first met him he had just finished a run in a Fringeworld show, an experience that has set him on a new path. “It was quite a big thing for me, I met a whole bunch of lovely people.” The show, “Breathless”, an almost wordless re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream set to music in which he played one of three Pucks, relied heavily on physical movement and expression. He was well cast, his lively dark eyes and engaging smile alight with mischief as he portrayed the disruptive, trouble-making sprite in what was a physically demanding role. However, theatre was not where his career began.

Following a degree in game design, his love of film led him, at the age of 22, to apply to the Western Australian Screen Academy to study screenwriting. There, a casual invitation to a quiz night led to his involvement with WASTV (West Australian Students TV) a nonprofit media organisation aiming to assist community-focused groups with any media needs they have, from event coverage, to commercials, to social media campaigns. He says, “Life started to take off from there.” Early on in his time with the organisation he did some directing, making a short film, a web series and several nonprofit videos. Michael is now their creative director, overseeing all ongoing projects. Through WASTV he is studying Director of Photography skills, which will augment his directing.

His acting career started when someone suggested that he come out from behind the camera and try performing. He took some acting classes and auditioned for a couple of roles with no success. Then last year, a friend invited him to an open audition for Breathless, which he admits was a bit daunting, as he knew no one there. However, the director liked what he saw. Michael says “I think my height added a bit of charm to the character.”

Michael is happy to talk about his condition. He has Achondroplasia, which means that he is short-statured. Learning to drive has been problematic, as he needs pedal extensions and this was hard to organise. He is upfront about his condition prior to attending auditions. “I like to think that if a role isn’t particularly physically demanding or…can be played more cerebral, then I should be allowed to try out.” Peter Dinklage is “quite a bit of an inspiration.”

This year he is back on stage in “The Pirates of Penzance”, with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society and is directing his first play with Stirling Youth Theatre. He has also written and starred in a short film called “Out of the Cupboard”, in which a young man comes out to his parents as a dwarf. In the film, no one has noticed that the guy is of short stature. “It takes the mickey out of ignorant people and homophobia and has a bit of a good message about accepting people even if you can’t see their conditions.” Is there a role he would love to play? Absolutely; Richard III.




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