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  • Penny Walker

A Self-publishing Journey - Part 5

By this point, two days from the end of the campaign, I had hoped that Remission would be ‘Hot and Trending’ again. This seems to happen with quite a few books when they’ve fallen away. They have one final fling at the end when people who’ve earmarked it finally put a nomination on it and send it back up.

This is based on guesswork of course. It seems to me that seasoned Scouters would probably save books they are interested in for later in order to use their nominations as often as possible and so increase their chances of nominating a winning book. You get given three nominations that can be used at any one time. Once you have placed one on a book, you can’t use it anywhere else unless either, you remove it or the campaign for that book finishes. That nomination then becomes free to be used again.

Sadly it is not hot and trending. Every time I have reposted the link on Facebook, there has been a spike in page view numbers, though of diminishing size each time. I feel as if I have plagued people with it and have come to realise that though I am very good at promotion generally (did you see me on O-Day selling the wonders of the Curtin Writers Club?), I am not comfortable when pushing my own work.

I am still trying to be positive. Overall I have had in excess of 700 page views. I also still hold to my personal philosophy that you need to be in it to win it and that if you never try, you’ll never know.

The review process can take up to 15 days. I don’t quite know what to hope for. I guess, in a way, a longer time in review at least means that they have taken the novel seriously. I think this is what all writers crave. The anxiety is beginning to ramp up. I am glad that university classes have started again as it gives me a focus.

For anyone who nominated it, thank you. You’ll know as soon as I do the fate of my work. For now I’m practicing positivity.


Penny’s book, Remission, is currently being considered for publication through Kindle Scout. You can read an excerpt of the book here and if you like it, you can nominate it to be published. If it gets enough nominations, it will be available for sale in the Kindle Store and you’ll receive a free copy of the book.

You can also check out more of Penny’s work at her website,

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