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  • Zahra Loot


We are connected in so many ways to each other:

Friends, family, co-workers,

Culture, religion, beliefs,

Circumstantial or chosen, Brightly coloured of intangible,

Tendrils reaching our in search of others.

Strands overlapping and intertwining

Like spider webs.

Some as grand as the wing of an eagle,

Filling up a whole room with their glistening silver rope

Some small masterpieces with immaculate patterns.

So delicate and easily broke,

Yet at the same time

The strongest bond on Earth.

Lasting for lifetimes

Or for only seconds.

A knowing wink,

A wave of gratitude,

A shared eye-roll.

Connections with strangers:

The dewdrops on the webs.

Glistening jewels adding to the beauty

Of your life's design.


In honour of Spoken Word Perth's next event (28/2), the Curtin Writers Club held a mini competition. Write us '500' words (or a short poem) on the theme 'CONNECTION' in our members' Facebook group. The winner was selected from the comments selection, and their writing is published above.

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