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  • Caroline Sabater

Sun Burst

Day by day, night by night

I seek for a flicker of light.

To pull me back to my sanity

And escape from my calamity.

As seasons change

I feel enraged,

For I am stuck

Sinking into muck.

I stare at the sky

And wonder why,

When did I become a shell

And fallen under misery’s spell?

I lay my head upon my arm

And dream of a life beyond the calm.

Of misadventures and love affairs,

From wild nights to circus fairs.

As the bright sun bursts from her slumber

I wake to that same crushing sombre.

I envy the sun’s eternal flame,

Compared to her I am tame

I know the road that leads to life

But I am gripped by fear of strife.

I’ve accepted my path, its comforts, its dullness

Yet I still dream the most colourful madness.

Day by day, night by night

Always seeking for a flicker of light,

Within me.

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