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  • Loke T Leng

A Cat-Eater From China

I knew a cat-eater from China,

we both enjoyed dishes of meat.

A painful affair it made,

Filled with gory nights

of wicked sounds,

drilling hard,


my head.

Shattering firm bones,

as she tore flesh,

bleeding prey bound and struggling,

till it spluttered and went limp,

staining my dwelling with precious life essences.



damned evil vampire,

filled with murder, desire,

an ill of mine unseen.

How wretched am I to all?

Having admired her slender blood-stained figure,

consuming a beast raw and squirming,

Vitae dripping from rosy cheeks.

What am I doing?

Pursuing this Thing,

that’s killing,


I swear she will leave me tomorrow,

with all the meat and marrow.

I won’t be missing her,

For there is another,

who too enjoys

a carnivorous,



dog-meat butchers,

they clog my mind,

unseen to those who mind.

She knew I was no better,

that murderous cat-eater, I’ll remember forever.

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