Welcome to uni life

Dear first years, You may be scared to start your first year of university; not knowing what to expect or wondering how hard the classes will be. I’m here to ease your fears. This year will be fun and exciting, and will help you figure out if the degree you’re doing is really what you want. It can be daunting coming to Curtin, especially if you aren’t from Perth or don’t know the area, but know that everyone has been Lost On Campus (a great app you should download) more than once. To this day, I still need to look at the maps and signs to know where I’m going. You might look at other students and think that they’re so organised and they have their life together. Here’s a hot tip: nobody know

The Birthday Cake

The newcomer approached our party from the west, a kamikaze presence coming out of the setting sun. We had been at the beach all afternoon, messing about in our little boats, the sun metalling the muddy grey water to pewter. The tide ripped in and out of Burnham fast, the racing ebb laying the mud flats bare as far as the eye could see. The surge of it churned up the sludgy bottom, obscuring limbs beneath its opaque surface. Mud caked to your toes if not rinsed away, forming alien brown-grey lumps at the end of your legs. We kids had made Dad a birthday cake after mass that morning. The priest had raised his eyebrow at Dad again, but he didn’t ask where Mum was. Mum had never let us before.

Body Map

The show had started, the lights dimmed, mist poured from the smoke machines, and suddenly the audience was witness to a barbie doll ripping off its limbs to sexy music to reveal Glitta Supernova. What followed was energetic dancing/jiggling, dazzling make-overs, somewhat-relatable anecdotes, and a rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick where the rabbit was a banner and the hat was a… part of the body. Glitta Supernova has performed at Fringe before. Her show Let’s Get Metaphysicalin 2015 received very positive reviews. Glitta’s attitude to performance apparently remains the same – smash those who wish to control your sexuality, your personality, your body, between your proud-to-be-bouncy thighs. On th


cumulus swells buildings fold and fall towers grown from mushroom clouds of hydrogen mythic cites fill the skies hover ethereal above the sand shimmering mirages of heat and dust motes swirl downward coat the rubble in grey snow slow moving automatons flaming bright or ashen stagger trees topple like rows of nine pins corrosive rain abrades roaring silence rushes in

A Self-publishing Journey - Part 4

This week I have been pondering, cynically, I’m afraid. Watching the speed with which books ending their run in the scout program are assigned to the ‘99c on Kindle, thanks but no thanks’ pile, has had me wondering. Is this all in fact a clever ruse on the part of Kindle to get authors with limited options to work their butts off marketing not only themselves and their work but also the Kindle brand? The thank you note, that you are asked to write before your campaign kicks off, gets sent out to all nominating scouts at the exact same time that the author gets informed of their failure to achieve a publishing contract. The blurb that accompanies the thank you note sent to the Scouts says tha

We are the wise ones

[Content Warning: Drug/Alcohol mention, Violence mention.] I went to watch a play but the interesting thing happened walking home. 10:30pm. Cops don’t even look at me. I love the train line, because it’s dark and out of bounds. You never know if you’re going to be bashed or make a friend. It’s a magnet for misfits. Up ahead, near Maylands Station, some figures are moving around in the dark. They seem erratic and disorderly; I hear bottles clanging. I cross over to their side of the road. A young man emerges into the streetlight and holds up his hand to high five me. His face is a bit like a tomcat’s ears. “We are the wise ones!” he announces. I try to make conversation but he is rambling and

The Fiction of Writer's Block

Writer’s block is not real. It is a myth. It is another way of saying that the writer in question is not dedicating enough faculty to the reality of work that writing is. Because writing, for the most part, is personified not by the montage-worthy flurry of artistic flare, but more so by the grafting of hours. The best writing doesn’t happen in an hour at the downtown café, telling everyone near about how one is working on their screenplay. More often than not, it happens in late nights when one shakes themselves out of half-sleep to scribble a fleeting sentence or two, for fear they will be forgotten in the morning. Today’s writing classes drown in exercises built on generating ideas. Onlin

A Self-publishing Journey - Part 3

A whole week has gone by since my last post. It has, as I anticipated, been long. The flurry of activity that sent Remission briefly back into ‘Hot and Trending’ petered out along with my list of as yet untapped contacts. I’m done – I have contacted everyone I can think of. Not wishing to become a total bore, I decided to leave a gentle reminder until the 10 day mark, though judging by the stats, by day 7 everyone I know must have had a look. How often can I ask people to share the link? As my novel crashed into 0 hours in hot and trending for two consecutive days, another offer of marketing arrived. The cynical side of me perceives a direct link here. When I look at what’s hot and trending,

A Self-publishing Journey - Part 2

You may have noticed that things are moving fast. The blog is currently playing catch-up to reality, so here’s what has happened in the interim. I finally got everything together. With my trusty husband providing moral support from behind my left shoulder, I uploaded it all onto the Kindle Scout website, just 7 days ago. The email in response said I would receive a decision about whether I could have a campaign within 1–2 working days. It was Sunday so I figured Tuesday if I was lucky. The confirmation arrived at 9.30pm on Monday night with a launch date two days later and a link to the campaign page. I had 24 hours to notify them of any mistakes in the page and to organise my social network

A Self-publishing Journey - Part 1

I have been writing on and off for 40+ years. So far none of my novels (I have written 4) have been accepted for publication. Fremantle Press did take one book seriously enough to have an editor look at it before returning it after five long months of nail-biting suspense, to arrive with a resounding FLOP on the doorstep on my son’s 18th birthday. I think this was the toughest rejection as their initial response was positive and I waited all that time with hope perched on my shoulder, whispering exciting dreams in my ear. I have toughened up a fair bit since then. I have been prevaricating, avoiding writing this first post, as with it comes a certain amount of commitment to the undertaking.

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