The Girl on the Bus

It’s growing dark by the time the bus arrives. It’s only just after six, but with the menacing grey clouds that promise rain, it feels a lot later. There are only a few others waiting for the bus. I mean, it’s a Sunday evening; who’d want to be at uni on a Sunday? A girl, perhaps twenty, sits hunched over on the bricks, earphones in, talking into her phone. The wind blows her dark curls around her face. She glances over at me and gives me a tight-lipped smile. I recognise her from the soccer game; she’s one of Josh’s friends, Sophie. She was with another girl standing on the sidelines. I offer her a smile in return, taking a step to towards her. But then I stop, noticing the glistening of te

How to Write a Book Review

Sometimes a book really just speaks to you, and other times it doesn’t. Book reviews detail honest opinions about a book – most commonly a recent release – to let the readers know more about why it is worthy (or not worthy) of reading. A review is not objective, but it does have to be fair; let the reader know the reasons why you have certain opinions about this book. So, you want to write a book review. Before starting, think about why you’re writing the review. Is it to encourage others to buy or read the book? Has the book recently been adapted into a television show or movie? Is the book problematic in some way, or does it speak to a current social issue? When submitting to a publication

We acknowledge the past, present and emerging traditional owners of the land on which we live and work, the Wadjuk people of the Noongar nation and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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